Optimization Tips- Part 2

Selecting a Channel Title and a Channel Description That Will Improve Your SERPS

Your selected channel title should be relevant to your feed and keyword rich.  Since RSS feeds are displayed in an XML format, which is a simple form of code, HTML should not be used in your channel title as it may not be compatible with all forms of RSS readers.  Your channel title is the initial text that catches a reader’s attention and should be treated as one of the most important aspects of your RSS feed copy.  Make every word count.  Cut the fat by trimming down any unnecessary or repetitive words. Keep it simple and powerful.

Your channel description is the place where you have an opportunity to really hook the reader.  Using descriptive language and excellent ad copies will pay off by drawing the reader into your website and your RSS feed.  While you can of course slip in a few keyword phrases, the channel description is intended to impress people, not search engines.  A limited amount of HTML can be displayed in this area if you would like to change the font size or text color for added emphasis.

Selecting an SEO Appropriate Title For Your Feed Articles

Since RSS feeds are read by many different aggregators, you should keep your article titles shorter to ensure that the title can be displayed by all types of RSS readers.  A character length of between 50 and 75 characters is best.  Try to determine what the keywords for the article content would be, then include a few of those keywords in the title and the relevance rule still applies.  Do not include any HTML in your article titles as in the channel title.

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