Add Your Blog to Your Technorati Profile

if you are writing a blog, be sure to submit it to your Technorati Profile, and claim it as your own.

Claiming your blog at Technorati is supposed to be a simple task, but as other blogs are reporting, there may be some problems.

Go to Technorati, log in, click edit next year screen name in the top right, then go to the third tab, “Blogs” to stake your claim, and follow the directions.

I just went through the process with this post, and seemed to be having a problem too.

Okay – that failed twice – now I’ve claimed the blog using their “simple method” which involves entering your admin username and password there at Technorati.  That’s something I would have preferred not to do, however, I did want to claim his blog as my own, and it seems to have worked.

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