FeedCommander Updated on July 24 2007

No more worries about visitors leaving your site to read the RSS feed displayed by the FeedCommander.

Both the free and paid versions of FeedCommander were updated on July 24, 2007 to open all the feed links in a new window, rather than leaving your site to view the articles. Each link from the feed will open in the same new window, so you won’t have discouraged readers opening tons of new windows on their screens.

This latest version is FeedCommander v07.24.07.

7 Responses to “FeedCommander Updated on July 24 2007”

  1. In this moment “The RSS feed does not validate.”

    It worked fine till now. What’s going on? The problem remains some days ago.

    Thank you for the help.

  2. I just tested and all is working fine…

  3. Dude, this rocks – thank you!

  4. Why does the Feed display apostrophe’s as questions marks? Is there any way to fix this?

  5. That’s usually a server thing, or Firefox / IE – OR, often, the blogger pasted info from MS word in the post? – Can you send a URL example? (

  6. Hmm I’m wondering if it has something to do with WordPress? I put the code in a WordPress “page” post. Any ideas on how to fix this — here’s the URL:


    In fact, I would prefer to use the PHP, but again, when i put in the WP post it doesn’t work.

  7. Question marks – WP is causing this, but unfortunately it is because of the apostrophe character being used from the feed site. (The writer first writing in a program such as MS Word then copy and pasting into the post commonly causes this.) You can usually tell that the apostrophe is coming from a font that WP will not recognize when the apostrophe is slightly slanted to the right.

    PHP in posts – WP will not allow the use of php in the posts, but there are plugins that can be added to allow it. Personally, I haven’t found a plugin that completely works properly yet. I found that you end up with errors still. So JavaScript is probably your best solution.
    * If you have the skills to edit the theme pages (for the posts, this would be single.php in the theme you are using), you can use the php by hard coding it, but the same feed would be displayed on all posts.

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