CSS Styling Your RSS Feeds

There have been some questions on “how to” easily match the feed display from the Feed Commander to a site’s stylesheet rather than choosing every setting in the Feed Commander software to try to get a perfect match.

This can actually be done fairly easily. This post is going to give you a quick and simple method to do this.

The code you see below is the default settings from the free version of Feed Commander using an RSS feed from www.feedcommander.com.

Any or all of the bold red highlighted areas can be removed to allow your stylesheet to control the display.

Feed Commander Code - Highlights showing what to remove.

The result removing all would look like this:

Feed Commander Code - With Variables Removed So Stylesheet Takes Over

Editing that piece of code, and changing the feed url saves a ton of time, and the display will already follow the styles of the site it?s being displayed on. Create a feed once, edit, and save for future use.

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