New Window Option for Feed Commander

Both the free and pay versions of the Feed Commander now have an option of opening links in a new window/tab or not. There were many requests for this to be an option on the RSS links in the feed display.

You can find this option at the bottom of the free and pay feed styling screens. The default will remain as the links using target=”_blank” to open them in a new window.

Screenshot of New Feed Commander Option

By checking the checkbox in the option area, “Open Links in New Window: Do Not Open feed links in new window/tab”, the links will open in the current window instead.

Commonly, you would use the open in new window for RSS feed from another site, which you are displaying on your own. This helps to keep your viewers at your site while also displaying more content of interest to them.

Displaying RSS feed from your own site, you would probably prefer to use the “Not open in new window” since the viewers are not leaving your site to view the links. Some people don’t mind new tabs opening, but others can get frustrated when links from your site open many windows.

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