About Feed Commander

In our interactions with web developers all over the world, we frequently ran into issues on server after server, platform after platform, as far as what was their easiest way to add RSS feeds to websites.

Something that would work on one server would not work on another, and we “accidentally” identified a need for web designers to be able to add RSS feeds easily.

No perfect solution existed that everyone could use easily, so we’ve tried to build one here.

On .php websites they should work instantly, but on websites whose pages are .htm or .html, your webhost may not have turned on Server Side Includes by default.

It’s highly unlikely, but you MAY need to go into your web hosting control panel, and enable your SSI (Server Side Includes) to be “allowed” for your specific file extension.

In an HSphere web hosting control panel, go to WEB OPTIONS and look for the SSI section

Then just add .htm, or .html etc. as an extension for which you choose to allow, hot “Apply” (at the top of the page) and in 3 or 4 minutes, it will work!


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