CSS Styling Your RSS Feeds

There have been some questions on “how to” easily match the feed display from the Feed Commander to a site’s stylesheet rather than choosing every setting in the Feed Commander software to try to get a perfect match. This can actually be done fairly easily. This post is going to give you a quick and […]

Optimization Tips- Part 1

Tips For Optimizing Your RSS Feed In the world of online business, search engines determine your business’ future. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is big business. Being unaware of SEO practices can seriously injure your online profit.  A website that is properly optimized for search engines takes advantage of every opportunity to pack relevant information and […]

Optimization Tips- Part 2

Selecting a Channel Title and a Channel Description That Will Improve Your SERPS Your selected channel title should be relevant to your feed and keyword rich.  Since RSS feeds are displayed in an XML format, which is a simple form of code, HTML should not be used in your channel title as it may not […]

Optimization Tips- Part 3

Adding Images to Your RSS Feed Images are a great way to break up monotonous text and add some interest to the content of your feeds.  The majority of RSS readers will display the image at the top of the page, before the text of the article.  For this reason, your images should be selected […]

Nobody Knows What RSS Is?

Feed Commander 1.0 Released

If you can copy and paste, then you can use our free RSS feeder, which does provide a link back to our tool. We think that’s a small price to pay for such a useful piece of software, but if you would like to remove the link, please watch for our paid version coming soon.


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