CSS Styling Your RSS Feeds

There have been some questions on “how to” easily match the feed display from the Feed Commander to a site’s stylesheet rather than choosing every setting in the Feed Commander software to try to get a perfect match. This can actually be done fairly easily. This post is going to give you a quick and […]

New Window Option for Feed Commander

Both the free and pay versions of the Feed Commander now have an option of opening links in a new window/tab or not. There were many requests for this to be an option on the RSS links in the feed display. You can find this option at the bottom of the free and pay feed […]

Feedback on RSS Feed Commander

We’d love to know how and where you’re using Feed Commander, and it looks like some people have been pretty creative. Please tell us what you think!

FeedCommander Updated on July 24 2007

No more worries about visitors leaving your site to read the RSS feed displayed by the FeedCommander. Both the free and paid versions of FeedCommander were updated on July 24, 2007 to open all the feed links in a new window, rather than leaving your site to view the articles. Each link from the feed […]

Add Your Blog to Your Technorati Profile

if you are writing a blog, be sure to submit it to your Technorati Profile, and claim it as your own. Claiming your blog at Technorati is supposed to be a simple task, but as other blogs are reporting, there may be some problems. Go to Technorati, log in, click edit next year screen name […]

Optimization Tips- Part 1

Tips For Optimizing Your RSS Feed In the world of online business, search engines determine your business’ future. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is big business. Being unaware of SEO practices can seriously injure your online profit.  A website that is properly optimized for search engines takes advantage of every opportunity to pack relevant information and […]


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