Optimization Tips- Part 2

Selecting a Channel Title and a Channel Description That Will Improve Your SERPS Your selected channel title should be relevant to your feed and keyword rich.  Since RSS feeds are displayed in an XML format, which is a simple form of code, HTML should not be used in your channel title as it may not […]

Optimization Tips- Part 3

Adding Images to Your RSS Feed Images are a great way to break up monotonous text and add some interest to the content of your feeds.  The majority of RSS readers will display the image at the top of the page, before the text of the article.  For this reason, your images should be selected […]

RSS For Rookies

RSS is a popular topic of discussion today among anyone who does business online. If you are looking to add RSS to your website but are new to the concept, you probably have a few questions. The good news is that RSS is accessible to everyone, even the greenest rookies. The Basics of RSS Newsfeeds […]

RSS Basics For Beginners

RSS has become increasingly popular lately. Nearly every blog and news site displays the RSS logo. (It’s that little orange box with the curved lines or the red box that says, “RSS”.) It’s possible that you may have overlooked that little logo at first, but now it seems to be popping up everywhere and you […]

Free RSS Feed Commander Released

The free version of RSS Feed Commander has now been repaired and released to the public, and so has the paid version, 1.0. There is no need to be a programmer or web designer to be able to add RSS feeds to your website that are formatted in the layout, the typeface and font you […]

Free Version Temporarily Inactive

The height and width controls are currently broken on the free version of Feed Commander, however, it is functioning properly here


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